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The PRO Podcast

May 5, 2022

In this episode Gary discusses the importance of delegating and elevating and growing your business by letting go. Gary talks about processes you can apply and how to leverage different parts of your business - such as marketing, sales, finances and admin - in order for it to grow. In business, you have to have a clear understanding of all of these aspects, but it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all on your own. Gary recommends letting go of some of these responsibilities and delegating some of the tasks to other members of your team. In delegating tasks, you have to know the basics of each task and how it works, in order  to ensure that the one you’re assigning the tasks to can successfully finish the project. You will also hear how to be effective in marketing and how important it is. 

What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The PRO Podcast:

  • Growing your business by letting go. He discusses the importance of not taking on every task possible in your business, and why you should delegate tasks to other people.
  • The complete process of delegating to elevate and how you can implement it in your business today.
  • Gary’s processes in growing his business. He covers the steps he takes to grow and why letting go is one of the most important ones.
  • Gary talks about having a PA and why it is very useful to manage one person and have that person manage your other employees/staff. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Delegating to elevate is one of the most important steps in growing your business.
  • Having a PA can prove very useful while growing your business, especially after having done all the work alone starting out.


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