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The PRO Podcast

Feb 23, 2023

In this episode Gary discusses the marketing and sales strategy of KSI and Logan Paul’s energy drink “Prime”.


Gary highlights the importance of your personal brand as a business owner or leader. This means building a reputation that inspires trust and credibility among your target audience. Another key thing is having a solid team in place to support your efforts and execute on your vision. It's also important to regularly reflect on your progress and learn from your experiences, which can be done by keeping a diary.


The power of social media cannot be overlooked as a tool for reaching and engaging with potential customers. It's best to focus on one client type and one media channel that are most likely to generate the results you want.


What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The PRO Podcast:

  • How to apply scarcity marketing into your business
  • The importance of having a team
  • The power of social media
  • Why you should focus on one client type and one media channel


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