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The PRO Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

From motivation to mindset, personal branding to perseverance, you will learn tried and tested ways to generate leads, increase your sales and build a strong lifestyle business.

Gary Das takes you on an entrepreneurial journey of education, inspiration, and motivation to help you become a Pro of your industry!

In this episode Gary talks about how to achieve work life balance, especially if you are in a Mortgage or Financial Services based sector. After spending more than a decade in business Gary formulated a strategy on how to automate, systemise and delegate that’s why he firmly believes that having work-life balance is 100% achievable.

What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The Financial Pro Podcast:

  • Gary’s journey as a solopreneur back in 2016
  • Mistakes to avoid in order to maintain that work-life balance 
  • The most productive way to spend your extra hours
  • How to structure your day
  • The short term pain of delegation
  • The importance of having the right systems, processes, automations


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