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The PRO Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

Bonus Episode: How to make 250K a year as a Mortgage Broker! (Part 4)

In this bonus episode, Gary goes through how you can build a mortgage brokerage to make £250K a year! This is Part 4 of a 4-part series. This episode is all around submission and success in your mortgage brokerage. The next episode will be out tomorrow so don’t miss it. If you enjoyed this episode leave a rating and review and we will see you on the next one!


What is Covered:

  • This is the easiest part – the hard work is done!
  • The Mortgage Pro Adviser course is launching and it 100% works.
  • Learn how to pitch your fees.
  • Learn how to sell protection
  • Make your strategy calls more efficient.
  • You need scripts when going for a sale!
  • Live role-plays and Q and As.
  • I am launching The Mortgage Pro Adviser Course, email me on for more information.
  • Buy your ticket here -



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