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The PRO Podcast

Feb 6, 2020

Building a £20 million a year business with Rob Moore

In this episode, Gary interview’s one of his mentors, Rob Moore! Rob is an author, public speaker, entrepreneur and property investor. Rob is also the co-founder of progressive property, which is a £20 million a year business. Rob talks about his journey in business and how he built up to £20 million, he tells us about the highs and lows including the good and the bad of running such a large organisation!

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What Is Covered:

  • Rob Moore’s journey to becoming a millionaire.
  • How personal development has helped rob in business.
  • Do you ever have enough money?
  • Be grateful for your life and what you have.
  • Rob doesn’t want it easy; he wants it good.
  • You need to leverage to grow.
  • You need to put everything in your diary, even family time!
  • Get a few parenting tips from a millionaire!
  • How to manage professional relationships.
  • What is going to get you to the next level?
  • Rob lives fast.
  • Podcast end with some fun, quick-fire questions.


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