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The PRO Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

In this episode Gary talks about the training - or lack thereof - in the mortgage industry. Gary believes that the training for new people coming in the mortgage sector is nowhere near as good as it should be and that needs to change.

The role of a Mortgage Adviser is one for which there is significant demand in the UK job market and it is one of the hardest jobs, especially through the pandemic as lending criteria changed and processes with lenders shifted. Mortgage advisers frequently have a varied and interesting workload and this is a solid career choice for anyone with good mathematical abilities and excellent customer service skills, so you have to have those foundational principles drilled into new advisers right at the beginning of their career journey. 

 What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The Financial Pro Podcast:

  • How Gary started his mortgage adviser training
  • Common problems encountered by newbies in the mortgage industry
  • The importance of learning the foundational principles of the sector

From motivation to mindset, personal branding to perseverance, you will learn tried and tested ways to generate leads, increase your sales and build a strong lifestyle business.

Gary Das takes you on an entrepreneurial journey of education, inspiration, and motivation to help you become a Pro of your industry!


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