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The PRO Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

RANT: Why is it Wrong to be Selling During a Time of Crisis?

In this episode, Gary has a rant. Many people have been saying that now is not the right time to sell… Why? Is it not right to feed our families and put food on the table? If people want to buy, then why can’t we provide them with what they need. What are your thoughts on this, do you agree or not? If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a rating and review and we will see you on the next episode of the Mortgage Pro Podcast.

What Is Covered:

  • Should we be able to sell during this time?
  • Whys is it wrong to help someone else and feed your family.
  • Mortgage Brokers should be charging fee still – you are still doing the same job!
  • If people want to buy, why shouldn’t you be selling?
  • We are selling every day in many different ways.
  • This is a time of reflection to see if we enjoy what we do.
  • What are you spending the extra money you have on?
  • Now is the time to be selling more, we still need to live and survive.
  • Now we have the time to create more content and pus our own messages out there.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does give you choices.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  • What do you think? Is now the right time to be selling?


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