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The PRO Podcast

Jun 20, 2019

Selling With Spencer - How To Make Sales In The Services Industry And Why Social Media Matters When Building Your Personal Brand


This episode, Gary is joined by Spencer Lodge. Spencer was voted one of Dubai’s top 100 people and has helped 1000’s of business owners crush sales. Spencer is a very guy as he talks about the struggles, he had to go through on his business Journey, and how that led him to the success he has today running his 6 businesses. This episode is gold and will give you the boost you needed to start making more money. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a rating and review and we will see you on the next one.



What is Covered:


  • Spencer’s Journey to Success.


  • The harsh reality of sales.


  • Why you NEED to sell insurance as a broker.


  • Working in Financial Services.


  • Using his Mum as a mentor.


  • How to hunt for rejection when going for sales.


  • Utilising Social Media to build your business.


  • How you can always find time to create content.


  • How to use your personal interests to generate leads.


  • How to use pre selling effectively.


  • The best way to sell insurance.


  • How social media can change your life.


  • How to run 6 business and still have a life with your family.



Spencer’s Book – Making it Happen: The Ultimate Guide to Selling -


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