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The PRO Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

In this episode, Gary discusses the process of becoming a successful mortgage advisor. He emphasises the importance of putting in hard work and dedication, as it took him 13 years of consistent effort to truly grasp the industry. 


Gary highlights that being a knowledgeable advisor is not enough, and that it takes more than just technical skills to run a successful business. He talks about the investment required to make a profit in this field and offers valuable insights and tips for those looking to have a career as a mortgage advisor, whether you're just starting out or have been in the business for a while.


What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The PRO Podcast:

  • How to become a mortgage advisor
  • How to be a great mortgage broker
  • Why being a great advisor does not make you a great business owner
  • How much you need to invest to become profitable


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