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The PRO Podcast

Nov 28, 2019

Making money while you sleep: why a CRM system is vital for any business that wants to scale

In this episode, Gary talks about how a CRM system can take your business to the next level and the 5 key areas to focus on when implementing it. Gary speaks on the CRM system we use and how it has changed the business and how he can help you do the same in yours. If you like this episode, please leave a rating and review and we will see you on the next one.

What is Covered:

  • Lead Management in your business.
  • I built my business on excel spreadsheets at first…
  • In 2016, I tried to develop my own CRM system.
  • E-Keeper is what I am using and teaching because it does everything, I need it to do!
  • Customer, Relationship. Management – CRM.
  • Having a sales process that is consistent.
  • Track simple tasks so nothing gets forgotten.
  • Email templates for ese and consistency.
  • Easy diary management.
  • Easy for the team to connect and interact with other diaries for the business to run smoothly when you are out of the office.
  • Track your clients, team and diary all in one place.


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