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The PRO Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

From motivation to mindset, personal branding to perseverance, you will learn tried and tested ways to generate leads, increase your sales and build a strong lifestyle business.

Gary Das takes you on an entrepreneurial journey of education, inspiration, and motivation to help you become a Pro of your industry!

In this episode Gary chats to Matt Poole who shares the journey that he’s been on from being employed in the endowment claims industry before getting interested in the mortgage sector. Matt explains his professional career path and highlights the route that has taken him to open his own firm. 

What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The Financial Pro Podcast:

  • How Matt started in the mortgage industry
  • How to make boring stuff more interesting
  • How to balance personal brand, business brand and content
  • The importance of taking time to rest, recover and recuperate 
  • Why you need systems and processes to grow
  • Reasons to surround yourself with the right network 


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