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The PRO Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

From motivation to mindset, personal branding to perseverance, you will learn tried and tested ways to generate leads, increase your sales and build a strong lifestyle business. Gary Das takes you on an entrepreneurial journey of education, inspiration, and motivation to help you become a Pro of your industry!

In this episode Gary is joined by Pete Mugleston, a mortgage broker and owner of OMA (Online Mortgage Advisor) who supply leads to the industry. This is an interesting one because Gary has always preached that we should generate our own leads and we shouldn’t buy them! Despite these differences of opinions, Gary & Pete have an interesting conversation packed full of industry tips and best practices. From ‘bedroom business’ in Pete’s words, to successful entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss Pete’s inspiring story.

What Is Covered In Today’s Episode Of The Financial Pro Podcast:

  • How automating your business allows you to take a step back
  • The power of niching your business
  • How to minimise the turnover of advisors/staff
  • The importance of hard graft and working smart
  • Why you should stick to your area of expertise
  • How to grow a big business from humble beginnings


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